Our Summer Theatre

was created in 2017 as a networking platform for our students on multiple levels.

First, the Program hires Intern performers and technicians to work alongside our students.

The third level is our Union Professional Actors (AEA).

AEA adds credibility to the Program, having performed on Broadway, Television, and the movies. They set a work ethic that is high and model professional behaviors for others to see.

The final element is the inclusion of local school students and adults in the summer theatre.



With the summer and school year Theatre, we have partnered with NCC's Hampton Winds and the culinary Department to offer dinner and a show.  


The partnership showcases both the Theatre students and the culinary students working together to bring you an experience.

This inclusion brings in a community element where they support the theatre program as patrons because they have made connections being in the show. 

Even with the pandemic, we have offered dinner and a show with COVID Protocols in place. Patrons pick up to-go bags filled with a delicious three-course meal and go home and can eat and watch the show or have a nice dinner and then watch a show providing some normalcy in our new normal.

They can ask questions and determine a school that is a good fit from their interactions while creating Theatre. 

Everyone gets a chance to share, learn from and create Theatre together.


This also allows students to see what NCC has to offer as a very viable and vibrant opportunity for them to come to NCC out of high school and then transfer for their final two years.

This element is essential because by bringing in students from other colleges, our students learn about their university or college while working alongside them.