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October 26th - 29th

November 16th - 20th
January 18th - 21st

Auditions for Collective Rage: A Play in Five Betties:


Where: Lipkin Theatre, Kopecek Building on Main Campus


When: December 4th


Time: 6:00pm--8:00pm


What to Prepare: Nothing! There will be cold readings from the script.


Amidst a political landscape in which women's bodies seem to be constant fodder for legislative control, it is quite refreshing to witness five women speaking about their bodies, their relationships, and their sex lives in ways that are hysterical, candid and undogmatic. While the play is feminist and utterly political, it is joyful to see these characters rage and love and explore their bodies and make theatre and bad choices without calling out the politics. In 19 sharply written, short scenes, playwright Jen Silverman moves, inspires and cracks us up in this play with 5 characters, all named-you guessed it-Betty.




Betty 1- Femme, probably (but not necessarily) white, rich, uptight, fueled by secret rage


Betty 2- Femme, any ethnicity, rich, uptight but coming undone


Betty 3- Femme, any ethnicity, charismatic and pretty, kind of a know-it-all


Betty 4- Butch lesbian, any ethnicity, great tattoos, gently melancholic, is too often ignored.


Betty 5- Genderqueer (masculine-of-center), any ethnicity, great tattoos, owns a hole-in-the-wall boxing gym

March 7th - 11th 
April 18th - 21st
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